I agree with the president (Trump): If you don't like it here then you can leave. See how many people will post this.

Open Letter to Conservatives Who Think Progressives Should Just GTFO If They do Not Like It

Introduction If any of you know me in real life you may or may not know that my entire family (as far as I am aware) is conservative – some even blindly so. As agonizingly progressive as I am this makes family events a very delicate thing. My mother and I cannot even broach a […]

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Full Painting for Balder's Gate Descent to Avernus Books Cover

New D&D Campaign – Descent into Avernus

We finished Dragon Heist/Dungeon of the Mad Mage 6 weeks ago (3 sessions ago because we play every 2 weeks) and we excitedly moved on to Balder’s Gate: Descent to Avernus. Currently, we just finished our second session of Descent into Avernus and our party makeup seems just a little weird to me, but that will be fun… I think! =)

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Arthur Fleck Laughing Despairingly on a Bus (Joker 2019)

Themes, Messages, and Symbolism from the Movie “Joker”

I just saw the movie (Wed, 9 Oct 2019) and then was able to watch the movie again a week later (Wed, 16 Oct 2009) with my mother, and was able to take some quick notes to help fill out my rather large post. I really, really wish I had a DVD of this or was able to stream this so I can do this movie and post some real justice! There is so much more I am missing, but alas!

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Political Compass for 2020 Election

Political Compass for 2020 Election

Introduction This will be a followup to my previous post Progressive Candidates for 2020 Presidential Election which can show you in a more graphical way why I support these candidates. Political Compass 2020 In the image below which was pulled from US Presidential Candidates 2020 (Political Compass) you can see that Steve Saylor is NOT […]

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Yellow street sign with black letters saying "Term Limits Ahead?"

Term Limits for Politicians Will Make Things Worse

Introduction I am writing this article pursuant to this link found on Facebook which talks about Ted Cruz submitting legislation to enact term limits for senators. Now, just the fact that one of the most repulsive Tea Party Republicans was supporting this should automatically make you take a second look at what they are suggesting […]

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Carl Sagan from his Keynote Speech at the Emerging Issues Forum in Cornell University in Feb of 1990

Carl Sagan’s Keynote Speech at the 5th Emerging Issues Forum (1990)

Introduction If you have not watched this amazing video of Carl Sagan from his Keynote Speech at the 5th Emerging Issues Forum in Feb of 1990 (1 hour 5 min) where he talks about climate change, then do it NOW! Sadly, his powerful and amazingly prophetic words are still very, very relevant today. I also […]

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A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature Since the Last Ice Age Glaciation (XKCD)

A Timeline of Earth’s Average Temperature Since the Last Ice Age Glaciation (XKCD)

Here is an Amazing infographic showing the timeline of Earth’s average temperature from XKCD. I have seen this before, but now, since I am posting much more ravenously I thought I would introduce you all to it. Enjoy! Earth Temperature Timeline (XKCD) Climate Change, Explained in One Simple Comic (Climate Central News)

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Screen Shot from Renault of Brazil's Cave of the Dragon Commercial

Amazing D&D Cartoon Inspired Commercial from Renault of Brazil!

Introduction Background Growing up I had always been a fan of fantasy and science fiction, but my first introduction to what would be come one of the most powerful influences in my life, role playing games, was the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the mid-1980’s (1983-1985). This cartoon is what inspired me to look for […]

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Picture of Earth as seen from Voyager I as it was leaving our solar system

Carl Sagan and His Famous ‘Pale Blue Dot’ Speech

Introduction Background While watching a video or two from Neil deGrasse Tyson (one of which I recently posted: Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Keynote Speech for the 28th National Space Symposium (2012)) I saw a lecture from Carl Sagan in the sidebar, so I decided to give the original Cosmos narrator’s wisdom a spin. I was […]

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Neil deGrasse Tyson giving keynote speech @ 28th National Space Symposium in 2012

Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Keynote Speech for the 28th National Space Symposium (2012)

Introduction I have just found this great video of an understandably irate Neil deGrasse Tyson (NdT) speaking the truth in this amazing video from 2012! The power of the innovation and inspiration gained from the NASA and our space program and its accomplishments is worth far more than the paltry 1 cent for each tax […]

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Oldest Rainforest on Earth - Daintree Rainforest in QLD, Australia

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

Note: This page will no longer be updated, because it its content has been moved to my policy site. For updates to this page please go to: Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth @ Interstellar New Deal. Introduction For far too long has Humanity abused and violated the natural world causing irreparable harm which […]

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